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Woodlands Attunement

As human beings, we are intricately connected to each other and to the Whole (The Great Mystery, Spirit, Source, God). Ironically, for reasons both conscious and unconscious, the normal routines and actions of our days become unnatural and driven, creating stress, imbalance, and lives that are unsustainable. Assisting individuals to realign themselves with the wisdom and unfolding design of the Whole is the work that I do. I utilize the healing modalities of Attunement and Craniosacral therapy as the doorways through which to bring balance and reconnection. Regardless of the form, all of my work is dedicated to the same ends: realigning you with your Essential Self and reacquainting you with the fact that you are being carried by the Whole.

WOODLANDS is a place dedicated to realigning individuals with the natural rhythm of Health and Wholeness that lives within.


Located in the southwest corner of New Hampshire, WOODLANDS is a fifty-five acre property that lies on the edge of a large swath of land in conservation called the Supersanctuary. It was the home of my wife’s grandmother, an avid social activist and environmentalist, who dedicated much of her life to making this planet and its people more conscious and accountable for their choices. For her, this home was a sanctuary for renewal and rejuvenation, providing an anchor from which to offer her work of service. By the time she died at the age of 97, most of her time was spent sitting in her chair watching the birds and the changing seasons through the window. People came to be with her right up until she died. They would sit for an hour or so, leaving with a deep sense of  appreciation for the person she was and the place of peace she had come to in herself. This is the legacy that has come to me and my wife, Peri to steward.

WOODLANDS is a special place. The land has been loved and it returns this love tangibly. The home has been cared for and it is alive with its two hundred years of history. 

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