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September 10-11   Hancock Attunement Gathering; Hancock, NH

November 6         Virtual Attunement Gathering

Sept 10-11

September 10-11   Hancock Attunement Gathering; Hancock, NH


Attunement and Communion with Nature


Hello Friends,

As I sit down to write this and be with all of you, many things in our world are heating up, not the least of which is our planet. The UK has temperatures around 104 degrees F, and wildfires now burn in France and Spain. For some reason, our US congress does not as yet feel that the evidences of global warming warrant as much attention as inflation and the economy. 

I feel that our Attunement Community can play a substantial role in these intense times because   of our orientation and living experience in the radiation of Love through Attunement. We know the power of allowing a current to flow from the head waters of Love into any situation without a vested interest in outcome. This is true because we no longer judge… (occasionally?!) And because we are very familiar with the Silence that dwells upstream of an overly active mind that has created a world that is quickly dismantling. In Silence a new world is incubating and forming the lines of force of the New Earth. Through Attunement we let this be so, rest in assurance, and be thankful, kind and generous in our daily interactions. 

For those of you who are available and wish to gather as a Community, let’s do so and share Attunement with one another. And perhaps we can focus this in blessing to our planet and Nature.

I, along with you, will stay abreast of what is occurring with Covid and act wisely with the restrictions at the time. Paul Price and Nancy Rathlou will be attending if the pandemic status permits it. 



WHEN: September 10-11, 2022 - Saturday 10-5; Sunday 9-12


WHERE: The Harris Center, Hancock, NH 03449


COST: sliding scale $135 - $225


Deposit: A deposit of $50 is required to hold your space for our time. Check or PayPal. My address is: 38 Prospect Hill Rd., Hancock, NH 03449


CONTACT: Andrew Shier at 603 525-3729 or

Bonnie Jo is working on Housing options which will  be sent out separately.

Nov 6

November 6 from 10-11:30am EST  Virtual Attunement Gathering


Hello Friends,

I am feeling the upcoming midterm elections occurring on November 8th in the US. I am also sensing a much larger event in which these elections are seated. There is a celestial wave moving currently that is carrying a huge impact for our planet right now. As I understand it, the planet Uranus’ current placement is having a large influence right now… “as the force to break rules and demolish established patterns or structures, creating sudden even radical change.”

As those experienced in the art of Attunement, we are very aware that this is a process of Purification, now occurring on a very large scale. We are aware, wonderfully so, of how to navigate these waters because our own emergence and revelation of Self has been fueled by this force!  We have blessed its presence in our lives, and now are called upon to allow it to be a blessing to the planet and all who dwell upon it.  

In this vein, I would like to gather via Zoom on November 6th to catch this wave and extend a current of blessing and peace.  This is not so much about the election and the candidates involved, and more about being in the Finer Levels of Pneumaplasm in which this event in contained. 

Individuals go to the polls to declare themselves. What an awesome opportunity to also declare that I am a Being of Light having a human experience. I let Love radiate without concern for results.

  • When: November 6th, 2022

  • Time: 10 – 11:30 am Eastern Standard Time

Please let me know if you are interested in being present for this time, and I will send you the Zoom Link.

Blessings – Andrew


Your Work:

Your work is not to drag the world

Kicking and screaming into a new awareness.

Your job is simply to do your work…

Sacredly, Secretly, and Silently…

and those with ‘eyes to see and ears to hear”,

Will respond.

~ The Arcturians

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