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Attunement is a non-invasive therapy that balances the physical and energetic functions of the body. Addressing the endocrine system, as well as organs, chakras, energy meridians, and bones, this healing art enhances the state of health and well-being. 

Attunement is focused on the dynamics of the field or aura that surrounds the body and sustains it. According to the state of the field so will the physical form be…form follows field. Learning how to discern what generates and enhances our energetic fields and what dissipates them is one of the most important and ongoing practices of Attunement.

Attunement plays a key role in awakening, maintaining, and strengthening the physical-spiritual connection. Founded on the premise that the human body is a dynamic, self-healing expression of a deeper spiritual self, this modality assists an individual in finding alignment and union with Source. This place of union is characterized by stillness, peace, and harmony, where conflict, tension, and disease simply do not exist.

Attunement is a very effective healing modality for a wide variety of conditions. Given the deep, internal nature of this work it also:

  • Supports personal growth

  • Aids in the release of old mental & emotional patterns

  • Enhances self-awareness


In addition to working directly with individuals, Andrew offers Attunements for a variety of different needs including long distancesurgery and assistance with the dying process.

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