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Attunement is very effective and provides a huge blessing in the event of a surgical procedure. Surgery by its very nature is quite a traumatic experience for the physical body and the emotions. The body was never meant to be cut into and the energetic fabric that surrounds the body torn. It is true, however, that in this day and age surgery saves lives and for that reason it can be a great blessing. In my experience, Attunement before, during and after surgery provides one of the finest and most effective means of off -setting the trauma and stress that occurs. It certainly counteracts and nullifies the adverse effects of anesthesia that follow surgery, and the rate of healing is greatly increased. People who experience Attunement during their surgical procedure feel held and supported by a force that is all encompassing and at the very core of the healing process itself. It is like a guardian or guiding presence is there in the midst holding all in balance and care.

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