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I have been teaching Attunement since 1995. This initially took the form of a one-day Attunement Initiation. For those interested in continuing their experience of Attunement and its effect on their everyday life, a five-month Attunement Practitioner’s Couse was the next step. Following that an Advanced Attunement Training was available. Currently, I am no longer teaching this range of programs. Rather, small groupings from one-on-one in person to smaller groups of 1-5 are what has unfolded for me. This is mainly in person, but some Zoom trainings have emerged in recent times.

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While I continue to teach methods and protocols of Attunement, the main emphasis of my trainings is how to live in Rhythm with the currents of Life now moving on this planet. These experiences are designed to facilitate a deeper return to natural rhythm and create new habits and practices that you can grow and sustain over time. If you are interested in offering a program in your area, please let me know.  

In our current era, it is vital that our living moment to moment reflect and give form to qualities of character that embrace kindness, humility, compassion, clear boundaries and care for one another. 


Woodlands is a special place. When individuals come here for a session with me, they are not only receiving the radiance moving from my hands but also the vibration of Nature in which they are enfolded. 

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