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Andrew Shier, RCST

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Andrew is a Master Attunement Teacher and Registered Craniosacral Therapist and member of the International Association of Attunement Practioners. He has been sharing Attunements for over forty years and working with Craniosacral Therapy for twenty. He has traveled throughout North America and internationally teaching and speaking as well as sharing private sessions with people across many cultures and traditions. His first public Attunement practice was based in Cape Town, South Africa. From there he went on to establish a thriving practice in Loveland, Colorado. Andrew trained in the Attunement process while living with his mentor for twenty-one years in a spiritual community. It was here that his life changed and he realized

that all healing was spiritual healing. Unless this dimension is acknowledged and included in the process of healing, the core of all conditions is not being accessed. He has dedicated his life and, therefore, his lifestyle to living from this core of stillness and wisdom. It is this place of inner connection and balance that he seeks to instill through all the classes, workshops, and seminars that he offers. He also does Long Distance Attunement work with individuals around the world and was selected as a healer by a team of medical doctors at the California Pacific Medical Center to study the effects of distance healing on patients with brain tumors. Trained in Tai Chi and Chi Kung for over twenty years, he uses this art form to develop and expand his own awareness of how energy flows in the body. This daily practice not only serves as an aspect of his personal spiritual discipline, it also maintains a deep sense of rootedness, which is essential for his healing work with others. He also is a Tai Chi teacher.

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