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The process of releasing the physical form of one’s body is a very specific and glorious one if enfolded properly. It is in fact a birth into another dimension of one’s angelic responsibilities. It is akin to the process of birth when one takes up a physical form to incarnate on the earth. Attunement provides a gentle and wise surround in the dying process, such that the person involved is allowed a sacred and uncluttered space in which to let go and release. The process of Attunement generates this sacred space, which becomes so crucial in an experience that for many can be quite scary and challenging. Because Attunement connects with the level of a persons core Being, a type of communion occurs that can facilitate a departure characterized by ease and fulfillment. It allows a person to leave from a place of completion rather than a state where things are left unresolved. In many cases, this involves an active working with family members to assist them in letting things come to this beautiful point of completion in them as well.

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