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Catch the Wave

Having had the privilege of remembering the art of Attunement, we know to some extent how to live in a Flow. Over the years and particularly in recent days, we have let go and let go again, to finally arrive in an ecstatic space of quiet within. Waves of insight and inspiration gain our attention here. I hear “now is the time.” For instance, I witness many of my friends moving geographically from homes and areas where they have lived for many years. My daughter is moving from her home of 14 years in Santa Monica, CA to Boston MA! Leaving behind what has been, courage in hand, to follow an impulse, a wave, into god knows what. How to ride this wave? We must learn how to surf!

Being a board surfer, I am familiar with the requirements of this joyful and fine sport. Things like a sense of balance, a good board, a somewhat strong body, etc. However, most important is that one must be able to catch the wave! This requires a good sense of timing – being positioned in the right place at the right time, along with some knowledge of the winds, tides and makeup of the sea floor.

The approach and arrival of the upcoming Winter/Summer Solstice on December 21st is carrying the energy of a large cresting wave this year. Tonally, it declares that we are entering a new Era. How is one to catch this wave?

From my standpoint, it is aligning with and expressing some distinct qualities of character that carry a high frequency. Qualities like gratitude, integrity, courage, honest collaboration, cut-loose joy, gentleness, acceptance of our humanity, great self-appreciation and love one for another, forgiveness, patience, and love for our Mother earth.

Much in our world, including our planet is out of whack from its original design. However that Original Design is present and always has been. Its revelation lies in allowing a tonal fineness to be our frequency. This will entrain all substances to align in whatever way is possible. Will there be disintegration and destruction abounding? Of course. Will you and I and others choose a different geography to live in? Of course…the place of Attunement.


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