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Long Distance Attunement

The actual generation of substance [pneumaplasm] needed for any Attunement service is based in living… There is the absolute necessity of intensified agreement in the Attunement field.” –Roger deWinton – 1984

Chris: Long-Distance Attunement is a divine gift. It is the active expression of Being, the Transcendent Reality, that is behind all forms of Life. Long-Distance Attunement and the pneumaplasm required to participate in this secret service is, as Roger said, based in the quality of one’s living!

I am honored and grateful to be in agreement with three other men in my Attunement service. Each of the four of us will share a brief comment about an aspect of Long-Distance Attunement known in our individual Attunement Radiation. The theme for the next IAAP International Attunement Gathering (via zoom) on August 29th is “World Service Through Long-Distance Attunement”. These comments will begin the process of gathering the Attunement essences for that IAAP gathering.

Andrew Shier: In my experience with Long-Distance Attunement it is all about a process of “holding” another in a place of blessing and love. Often requests, but not always, are of a physical nature because aspects of one’s capacities are in need of care. Being that we are spiritual beings having all kinds of human experiences, our capacities find themselves in need of some special care at times. The opportunity and privilege provided by Long-Distance Attunement is to commune in spirit and be held in the richness of what divine beings share together in the world of heaven….the capacities are thereby blessed by this Unity.

Joseph Antell (Loveland, CO): What we describe as long-distance Attunement or praying, connecting from afar is beyond the world of space and time. It is a natural part of the eternal life that has been forgotten, now remembered and awakened to once again. It is simply remembering how to breathe, in the cosmic wind of light, together as one. I recently had the familiar experience of not seeing my friends, family and colleagues for a long time. When we physically connected again it was as if we had never been apart, like I had just seen them yesterday. As resistance to outer restrictions falls away in the Attunement current, the vibratory rate of healing power is present and moving to wherever we choose to release it to. The Eternal Self, the Wonderful One within, is free to move about the planet blessing and keeping it including those who dwell therein. Our calm and loving awareness can move in consciousness to the person in the next room or to someone or something at the other end of the Earth. In distance Attunement there are no limitations or impossibilities, only the release and sharing in the forever streams of eternal Love. This is the Blessing of the Angels through us.

Paul Price (Ontario, Canada): Every Saturday for the past several months, I have been sharing Long-Distance Attunement with a young woman (we’ll call her Jane), who’s left side was paralyzed by a brain hemorrhage. After initially using our traditional LD approach, I was inspired to try sharing through Zoom. I work with Nancy on our table while Jane’s fiancé traces my movements with her in their home. We employ the Long Bone technique, then focus on the brain, spinal chord and left side of her body. Their loving connection and agreement with the attunement process has made it easy to establish a creative field between the four of us and has brought about marked improvement in her; physically, emotionally and mentally. This has also resulted in our clients engaging as participants, rather than just receiving the goods, with these two young people empowered in their situation, learning how to share Attunement without ever having to leave home.

Chris Jorgensen (Gladstone, MO): Everything exists as a pattern of energy. Out of Being there is a projection into the energy world, creating lines of force around which the matter world coalesces. This is true for a tree, an animal, a mineral, a bacteria, a plant, and a human form. These patterns may be stewarded through the blessing of Long-Distance Attunement. To perceive and to radiantly work with the patterns of Being requires a deep stillness in all of the human capacities. Sharing Love’s Radiation means this still, heart space must be lived and maintained – a holy place to let the radiance of Love balance, renew, and make whole whatever pattern is being stewarded. Those who undertake Long-Distance Attunement may never be acknowledged by anyone. Yet, The Creator of All, knows those who do this sacred work – the world service of healing and restoration, revealing heaven’s eternal song of Love.

Only that day dawns to which we are awake.” –Henry David Thoreau

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